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Food, family and culture are tied together at the heart of Mexico. The cooking process, as much as the actual dining, is a time to come together and share while productive hands mold fresh ingredients, the base for Mexican cuisine, into an aromatic, deliciously tickle-your-tongue meal.

At My Mexican Kitchen, we invite you to join us as we re-create this delectable atmosphere of food and camaraderie.
Cooking classes are completely participatory, with a range of flavors and styles offered. Edgar brings his Puebla roots to class with twists on what are often considered quintessential Mexican dishes. And during the process, we share secrets of the rich culinary culture as we cook together. (Did you know that a tortilla has two distinct sides that need to be taken into account when using them?)

My Mexican Kitchen Cooking Classes are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the rich components of Mexican culture. Lasting from approximately 6-9 p.m., we offer a range of topics and classes at various prices that can be taken in conjunction or individually. Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights we focus on a different fare, from salsas and appetizers to seafood and regional dishes.

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> Poblano Cream Soup

> Chiles Rellenos

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