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About Us

My Mexican Kitchen was born from a love of food—mainly the full-bodied, spicy food that makes your toes tingle. In December 2006, we opened our “fine dining-in” catering service, preparing and serving 5-course dinners to small groups in private residences. We expanded to include large group buffets early the next year. And then, with our rental of a homey Kitchen on Lazaro Cardenas Street, we expanded yet again to include a Cooking School.

 A Poblano (being from the state of Puebla), main chef Edgar Garcia Cordova brings to My Mexican Kitchen his years of restaurant and kitchen experience along with the delicious, unique flavors that are associated with Central Mexico. Growing up in a large family of restaurant owners and traveling throughout Mexico, he has gained a deep appreciation for and knowledge of his country’s cuisine, trying the variety of dishes from different regions.
Additionally, he has worked in restaurants in Guadalajara, Puebla City and for a catering company in Canada.

Sous-chef Travis Dietz provides the culinary assistance and cultural tie-over to bring classes to everyone who would like to participate in learning the wonderful ‘art’
we call Mexican food. Arriving in Mexico in April 2003, he has also had the opportunity to travel extensively--in his new home country, sampling the diverse flavors of Mexico, and abroad as well, including four summers in Germany working as a Personal Chef for a family there.

> Testimonials

"Now that I am back in New York, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed taking the Friday night course with Travis and Edgar. Although there just 2 of us (actually I loved that we such a small group), I loved  preparing all of the salsas and  appetizers especially the cuitlacoche empanadas. I had never eaten the "corn truffles" before and I just thought they were great. The fact that we participated in all of the preparations and not just watched was made the evening whiz by and it felt like we were making dishes for our own party. I am a good cook yet learned a lot about Mexican seasonings, chilies and prep. I would tell anyone visiting the area to spend at least 1 night taking a class. Hopefully when I return next year I will plan on 2 nights of learning to cook other dishes. Travis and Edgar were delightful and we all has SUCH a good time. You can feel free to bring your own libation and  then let the party begin!!!

Con mucho gusto